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2015-04-07 1:25:15 PM
SYNC Returns ~ Summer 2015!
SYNC returns May 7, 2015!

Our summer program gives away 2 FREE audiobook downloads each week, May 7th– August 13th.

Check out the complete title list, including DODGER by Terry Prachett and its pair partner, Charles Dickens's GREAT EXPECTATIONS.

Be ready to listen by downloading the OverDrive app in advance of the program.

Help us promote SYNC!

  • Encourage Young Adult readers to text syncya to 25827 to receive alerts about all the featured titles.
  • Utilize the print and digital items available in the SYNC Tool Kit to introduce SYNC to your patrons, students, and friends.
Help Us Promote SYNC!

SYNC Program Questions
For questions about the program, titles, and how to use the tool kit to connect with students, patrons, and other listeners, please contact the SYNC Manager, Michele Cobb, at sync@audiofilemagazine.com.

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